Chevy Volt (Prototype) scores 82

December 2, 2009

A prototype Chevy Volt is winning guarded praise from critics during brief tests in L.A.

A Porsche for Car of the Year?

October 8, 2009

The finalists for the 2010 North American Car and Truck of the Year Award are out and we couldn’t help doing a little prognostication as to who might follow the 2009′s winner, the Hyundai Genesis (above).

By Motormouths scores alone the Porsche Panamera should be a lock for the Car award with a 90 score  (followed by the Click for more

Will Carroll Shelby Choose a Prius?

October 7, 2009

Autoblog reports that a diverse panel ranging from gearheads like Carroll Shelby and Jay Leno to greenheads such as Jean-Michel Cousteau will chose the 2010 Green Car of the Year.

If we were to predict a winner based on Motormouths scores we’d pick the redesigned Toyota Prius which is averaging an impressive 87. Other nominees include Click for more

The Future, from Frankfurt

September 21, 2009

You can’t buy them yet, but 85 models debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Have a look.

First Scores: Cayenne Hybrid

September 16, 2009

Can the Porsche Cayenne (which boasts as much as 550hp and as little as 14 mpg) be reformed to a responsible hybrid fuel-sipping citizen of the road? Don’t laugh…Ferdinand Porsche designed a sporty (for the time) 4WD hybrid 110 years ago. found the hybrid-powered luxury SUV well….not very hybrid-ey. Click for more

Diesels Trump Hybrids?

September 8, 2009

VW and Audi Diesels trounce Toyota and Honda hybrids in a high-mileage face-off.

Winners and Losers of the 2000′s

September 1, 2009

Depending on what you drove in the past 10 years,’s list of the worst cars sold during the decade (from “the Caddy that Zigs” to Daewoo’s entire lineup) may bring back some laughs, or just painful memories. On the other hand, it’s list of most improved cars may give the car industry hope Click for more

Cold Drops Hybrid Mileage 8 MPG

August 19, 2009

Autoblog was underwhelmed by the  sub-30 MPG mileage they got when they tested the Mercury Milan Hybrid this winter, and they suspected the culprit might be the cold Michigan weather. To confirm their theory they ran the almost identical Ford Fusion Hybrid over a similar course in the summer and netted 38MPG. Click for more

The Prius, Reconsidered

June 27, 2009

Just days after Jay Shoemakers’ merciless 55-point drubbing of the Toyota Prius, fellow contributor Paul Niedermeyer has countered with a glowing 94-point review. And while Shoemaker savaged every aspect of the “eco-worrier,” Niedermeyer is clearly smitten with the whole package:

There are very few inanimate objects which inspire my personal appreciation, respect, and interest as much as the 2010 Toyota Prius does.

Click for more

A Little Rain on the Prius Parade?

June 9, 2009

A few weeks ago the Honda Insight got an uncharacteristic hiding, courtesy of the curmudgeonly Jeremy Clarkson.  Now it seems that Toyota’s signature hybrid is getting a turn in a critic’s doghouse. The Truth About Cars’ Jay Shoemaker rants just a bit on the 2010 Prius:

Click for more

High Times for the Fusion Hybrid

June 8, 2009

Here’s Kelsey Mays, the resident hipster at, on one of the more unusual features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid:

Efficiency Leaves…bear a resemblance to contraband. A friend of mine climbed in and promptly asked: “Dude, why is there weed growing on your dashboard?” Click for more

Buy Your 2016 Model Car Today!

May 31, 2009

On May 19th, the Obama Administration announced a mandatory average fuel economy threshold of 35.5 for all new cars by 2016. Fair enough. But you can actually buy such a vehicle today, so why wait? According to CleanTech Blog, six new cars meet these official guidelines already: Ford Fusion Hybrid, Mercury Milan Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Smart ForTwo.

In fact, however, eleven new vehicles already surpass the 35.5 threshold, at least according to the True MPG figures compiled by Here’s how they rank, review wise.

Lexus Luxury at 34 MPG?

May 28, 2009

Can a hybrid be both luxurious and fuel-thrifty? A 79 Score suggests compromises.

Honda’s Insight Takes a Hit

May 19, 2009
2010 Honda Insight EX

Jeremy Clarkson, England’s best-known car critic (his rants and raves appear in the Times of London and on TV’s TopGear) is an unrepentant “petrolhead” who believes global warming is bunk and that hybrids are “designed solely to milk the guilt genes of the smug and the foolish.”

Click for more

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