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Final Score: Volvo 85, Vampires 29


What Would a Vampire Drive?

The Volvo XC60’s product placement in the new Vampire saga “The Twilight Saga:New Moon” raises many questions. Will it garner the solid Swedish crossover some sexy bloodsucking street cred? Will pale goth kids replace suburban moms as the brands target demographic? And perhaps more importantly, why would a virtually indestructable vampire opt for a brand best known for safety?  Continue reading Final Score: Volvo 85, Vampires 29

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Car and Driver Top 10

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Mother’s Day at the Track

Can Car and Driver turn coupon-clipping moms  into apex-clipping fiends?

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First Scores: Cayenne Diesel

The bulk of Porsche Cayenne sales in Europe depend on an oil burning powertrain shared with Audi and VW, but could this European recipe translate to the U.S. market?  After a brief test, Cars.com was none too impressed with the euro-spec Cayenne Diesel’s torquey but sluggish performance. Continue reading First Scores: Cayenne Diesel

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Cat on a Hot Dirt Track

Just in case you wondered…the Jaguar XF makes a fine dirt track racer.

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The Chronicle Loves Motormouths

The San Francico Chronicle picked us as their “Website of the Week”

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Confused by “Cash for Clunkers?”

President Obama may have signed the “CARS” bill into law, but  there is no need to rush out to your dealer just yet. The Department of Transportation needs to figure out all the details, so the plan won’t go into effect until sometime in July. Take some time to read up on the FAQ at the government’s website CARS.gov, (not to be confused with Cars.com which has an excellent FAQ on the program too). And of course check us out for the best reviewed cars, which, where possible  always include the official combined fuel economy ratings you’ll need from fueleconomy.gov

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Jonny Lieberman recycles

This week, Autofiends.com joins MotorMouths as a review source. During our normal harvesting of the site, we began to notice something a little…familiar. Some of critic Jonny Lieberman’s reviews had a certain ring to them. And lo, the answer: he’s been doing a little car-review double-dipping. To wit:

On December 16th last year he wrote on Autofiends that while the Nissan 370Z was a fine car…

“the 370Z feels too civilized… I want my sports cars to feel tied to the road, not isolated from it. I think this is why I liked driving the new Mustang so much.”

A day later on Thetruthaboutcars.com he wrote…

On paper, the 370Z is a mean, corner-eating bastard. But something’s amiss. Put it like this: if it was my $30k (or so), I’d be shopping a (gulp) Mustang GT.

SO what about the Mustang GT? back on December 12th on Autofiends JL described the 2010 Mustang’s inspiration…

Most muscle car fans know that the SN97 Bullitt is the greatest Mustang ever built.


But how does one stand out from the (massive) pony car crowd? Grabber Blue, dude. Grabber Blue.

and suprisingly agile solid rear axle.

Those of you still shouting for a Mustang with IRS can officially join the “Pushrods Suck!” and “Obama’s Birth Certificate’s a Fake!” crowds. The new car was composed and planted at all times, even on the tight, hairy stuff. Even with the traction control off, the GT got squirrelly on me exactly once — after I overcooked it into a 60 degree, changing elevation corner and tried to power my way out.

December 13th he wrote on TTAC agrees on all points

The inspiration…

The Bullitt was the best Mustang Ford ever built.

The color…

(The new Mustang)’s much better looking than in 2D. …and you really got to see this baddie in Grabber Blue.

The rear suspension…

After seven hours of constant, aggressive driving I encountered exactly one patch of asphalt that upset the rear end. But it was so cruddy that an IRS car would’ve spazzed, too.

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Shelby builds a Camaro-Killer

Car and Driver asks “Remember when 540 horses were enough to win Indy?” Today? An 86.

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Can’t Touch This

Motor Trend says the Maserati GTS “possesses intangibles the others can’t begin to grasp.”

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A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta for Ford

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is scheduled to show up in American showrooms later this year but is already earning rave reviews from those who have driven the european version. Ford is whipping up buzz by lending 100 American “agents” a european Fiesta to drive for 6 months. Its preliminary score is an impressive 86 which should be a reason for a party in Dearborn.

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Motherproof.com knows best

Anyone who has tried to hook up a child’s car seat to a cheerio-filled recessed LATCH connector when running late in the morning will appreciate the refreshingly different angle that Motherproof.com takes to car reviews. Its easy to find testosterone-fueled odes to track performance but the ladies of Motherproof concentrate on daily commute performance and the overlooked passengers in the back seat (or third row). They have made up a list of the most family-friendly vehicles of 2009 ranging from the utilitarian Toyota Sienna minivan to the mid-engined Audi R8 (because after all, these moms like to burn rubber too).yasmin uk generic yasmin namesyasmin generic buy yasmin pill onlineyasmin drug buy yasmin pillyasmin birth control side effects

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